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VIK Booking Engine

The only certified booking engine for Joomla!

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The only certified booking engine for Joomla!

Vik Booking Official Demo Website

A Booking Engine for an open source CMS that competes with the best systems of the world!

The smart and technologically modern way to collect direct bookings without depending on third party services: Vik Booking is installed on your own website.

As part of the certified e4jConnect Software Suite, Vik Booking is designed to work together with Vik Channel Manager: a complementary extension to synchronize the availability with channels like and Expedia.

Feel free to make any test reservations to see how the system works. However, please note that some contents

have been translated into other languages with the sole purpose of showing how translations are handled. Translations may not be accurate.

The top menu contains links to some of the default Views of the component.







Vik Booking Engine & Channel Manager

Vik Booking Engine & Channel Manager

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Do you work with any of the channels above?
You can interface your own website with some channels by using the complementary extension Vik Channel Manager. For just less than €200, you can purchase the necessary software to build a complete website that meets the highest standards in the accommodation industry. Free updates for life for those using the Channel Manager, and just one recurring cost for the channel manager service. No additional fees or commissions. Find out more on


Work remotely with e4j App


We undertake to install the component & the modules of VIKBOOKING engine for accommodations (hotels, villas, APTS), as well as plugin payment Gateways, images installation,

installation of invoice form, scheduled Cron Jobs, invoice generator php. English, and Greek Translation. 

4 Pages, Design Customization, Responsive Design, Content Upload, 2 Plugins/Extensions

E-Commerce Functionality, 6 rooms

30 Days Delivery


What the above includes

- Ready Accommodation Template

- Αll functionality described above of Vik Booking Engine and the PMS

- The plugin that connect the Vik Booking Engine with the desirable bank Account or any other online payment system (PayPal, etc)

Buy The Template

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